Laura Hines
Digital Designer

Senior digital designer specializing in experience design and creative technology. An alumna of the Flatiron School in New York, NY, I am educated as a full-stack engineer, but the path I took to becoming an industry professional is an unconventional one. Here is my story:

I started in the Museum world. Early in my tenure at the Museum of the City of New York, a major software renovation took place. I quickly found myself at the center of the project-- even teaching myself SQL to elevate my dexterity.

As I continued to interact with the Museum's systems, so too did I delve deeper into exploring code. I heard about the Flatiron School through a friend, and was extended a spot in the school's renowned Web Development Immersive program. I graduated Flatiron a programmer, and armed with the tools I needed to translate my passion for design to digital.

I continue to work as a digital and visual designer, specializing in user experience, prototyping, user interfacing and front-end development.